Please see below to see some of our club characters

Our Friends:

Alf Hayward (The founder member)

Harold Hart (Maureen Mitchells Grandfather) and a founder member of the club

Albert Parker and Flo

Club Characters at a Christmas Dinner (year unknown):

Mrs Benford, Jean Swinton and Rene Taylor

Alan Quinn

Anne Quinn

Avril, Bertha & Stan

Biddles & his Mum

Bill Foyle

Bill Watt

Bubbles Elkins

Charlie Jaggard

Darkie Hillier

Derek Pike

Des and Helen Ferris

Dickie Sweetman

Ernie & Alice Needham

George Irvine

Gordon Vines

Hilda Edgell

Irene Taylor & Jean Swinton

Jim Merritt

Maggie Needham

Len Thomas

Paddy Maher

Norma & Roy Woods


Percy Stone

Rose Critchley

Ron Critchley

Wallace Dobson

Sam & Phylis Offer

Don Sloman

Tony Knight

George and Helga Bedford

Fred Hitchcock

Tony Knight, Alf Hayward & Colin Kite

Wilf Pearce